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Workspace structure


The evntboard.json file is the configuration file of the software. This is where you will configure the application and your modules


The evntboard.log file is simply a text file that stores everything that happens in the software, in case of error it is here that you will find the error stack to give on the discord :)


The modules folder will store all your EvntBoard modules. You shouldn't touch it too much except at the beginning to choose the modules you want.

Note for developers

You can add symbolic links to a folder, to develop a module next to it is rather useful


The resouces folder will store all the files you want to serve on EvntBoard, it can be folders or files (sound, image, text).

Note for developers

You can add html/css/js files in this folder! These files will be available on http://localhost:5000/monfichier.html


The triggers folder will store all triggers (obviously) ... Triggers are files with the extension .js.


You can add folders with triggers in them as much as you want!

If triggers start with _ will not be loaded!

Triggers support at most the es2015 version of Javascript ( NodeJs v12.22.3 )


The shared folder will store all shared scripts ... Shared scripts are files with the extension .js.